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    I am reclaiming the title of Teacher.   I have a classical music background: the term maestro comes from the Italian for “teacher”, and it is a title of extreme respect. That is because a true teacher teaches more than a skill: a teacher teaches you about life. Teaching also involves many platforms: speaking, demonstrating, […]

  • “The most powerful tool an athlete has at their disposal is their mind. My coaching sessions with Alice have given me a toolbox to use in all areas of my life and have given me an awareness which enables me to learn more about myself, my loved ones and the relationships I have with all the people I come across, including my opponents.

    I highly recommend Alice to everyone. I have had an extremely positive experience and can’t wait for the journey to continue. Beijing and beyond!”

    - Julien Prosser, 11 time Australian National Beach Volleyball Champion, 3 time Olympian
  • “Alice is an outstanding trainer, coach and mentor. I am absolutely confident that Alice’s influence has positively impacted and grown my coach and training practice. I see Alice as my ongoing mentor and value her grounded yet playful approach. If there is an expert coach I aspire to be like, it’s Alice.”

    - Andrea Henrickson
  • “Alice has taken my High Performance Sports Mindset & Leadership Coaching to a completely new level. I have expanded my business and am now a full-time Sports Mindset & Leadership Strategist with many thanks to this lady and her teachings. Highly recommended!”

    - Richard Maloney
  • “Alice has the ability to help people get the best from themselves through her unique focus on coaching. Her attention to detail stands her above others. Whether she is coaching to train or at a personal level, she far exceeds what is expected! I highly recommend her, you will be glad you did!”

    - Brett Middleton, Australian Rally Car Champion
  • “Alice is an amazing trainer and coach. Initially as a friend of mine, she inspired me to begin the journey into NLP and becoming a coach myself. As a coach and trainer she taught me to let go of my limitations and manifest my own potential.”

    - Kylie Ryan

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